This site is just my personal blog.

I had to stop blogging on riceball.com, because it became the “tech blog”.

Then I started writing on a few wordpress.com blogs to learn some SEO.  I don’t think I learned it too well, but… there are a few here.

Then I got declutter69.com, thinking that ebay howtos would generate trafffic. It hasn’t really.  It’s too niche and I’m too late to the game.  It’ll probably become an online store, taking over from declutter69.wordpress.com, and the content moved off.

Specialization and consistency are the key to an acceptable blog that gets traffic, unfortunately.

So, it’s here, that I’ll blog about random stuff related to code, and life.

I’ve been having a lot of time at the hospital, because I’m like Lyft for family.

Then there’s dealing with online sales, which are slow right now, and taking up a lot more space than I would like.

I wanted to keep working on the game port, Hamurabi, but the Slaptech server and Indymedia needed to be upgraded enough to allow a transfer of the code to a new platform.  This is taking a lot of time and effort, but that’s getting thwarted by life and other things.

But, whatever. I need to get back to to-do lists and plain old time management.  I need to finish up IMC and put that sucker to rest.



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